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2019 Model

The 2019, DUX, PD-400 aka HammerHead

The Hull difference between a traditional inflatable boat and the, “DUX” Catamaran and tunnel hull, is like the difference from night and day.

What do we mean when we say “The HammerHead, PD-400 model is a twin Sponson designed, True Tunnel hull inflatable boat?”  Although the dimensions and physics involved in building such a Hi-performance boat are keep as intellectual property, in short, The Tunnel Hull is calculated, created and added to the bottom of this boat in a very strong manner!  This tunnel allows the air to run under the floor and above the water of the Dux Tunnel hull boat line. i.e. models beginning with PD (Performance Dux) or SRD (Search & Rescue DUX are True Tunnel Hull Designed Boats.

With years of testing and more years of actual ALL WATER and ICE CONDITION conditions including Dam head  and hurricane rescues and flooded streets  IMPORTANT NOTE: The HammerHead and other “PD” models, can operate in shallow water conditions as low as 6 inches on plan, and 10 inches off plane.

Used by some of the most elite captains and military personnel as well as, Sheriff departments, Fire Fighters, Surf Rescue, Kite Boarding instructors, Chase Boats, Dive boats, Race teams “World Wide”, and the everyday boat enthusiast’s found on most all bodies of water ranging from fresh to salt water lake and rivers to Great and mighty Oceans, all across the globe! used as Yacht Tenders and dinghies, to water taxis, and most widely used as the world’s most versatile boat to us regular people who love all water sports and applications.


Below is a dimension overhead View of the HammerHead Model PD-400

The outstanding and performance results of a Tunnel Hull Inflatable, is the lift created though this proprietary engineering and decades of proven use.  The boat literally rides on top of the water on the two Hijackers (Skis), Allowing for rail like turning, the highest in fuel efficiency, Maximum stability, more floor space, greater speeds with less hp, rough water handling, and maneuverability.  Special Propeller work is required and will be handled by Inflatable Industries through our continued Service throughout the sale.


Enjoy, hunting, fishing, tubing, diving, skiing, or use it as a yacht tender, tow boat, weight carrying barge , or at any one of the many A.P.B.A. Racing events in your area.   Fit for most water conditions, ranging from rivers to surf and offshore racing.  All built to your specification, to be sure it fits your water application.

Tunnel Hull, Catamaran design.

This tunnel hull design, has an extremely precise manufacturing procedure, and built with your safety in mind first. All products are built in the United States of America. Handcrafted By Inflatable Industries, LLC., AND Branded  / Trademarked as DUX Inflatables.

Standard Features:

  • Three piece Starboard flooring, ½ inch.
  • Double sponson inflation design.
  • Six air chambers in all.
  • Fiberglass Wing.


  • Length: 13’2″.
  • Beam: 71″.
  • Tube diameter: 20.70″.
  • 32 oz, air tight, inflatable boat fabric.
  • Dry weight: 235 lbs.
  • Max persons: 6.
  • Max capacity or Load: 1820.
  • Air chambers, 6 plus wing.
  • Engine shaft length, 15″ to 20″.
  • 9.9 to 70 hp maximum,  40 hp is recommended for tons of fun

Priced at: $6,800.00
Plus shipping, and Packaging, $189.00.

Customers can visit our SHOP, for additional items like proper seating and Helm if desired, and much more.  Take a look, Many Accessories Available
For more information,  Call: +1(989)244-6154 or email: sales@duxboats.com


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tomchaffee January 13, 2019 at 8:49 pm

I am waiting to kick off the 2019 DUX RACING agenda. The most popular locations around the country will be filled with the DUX Inflatable Boat Racing class sanctioned privately, with DUX Boats and its race team go against other Dux Boats as originally intended by the Racing Founder. Thomas Chaffee

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