Originally Posted 2016nnHello Thomas,nnWe all love the boat. Compared to the Caesar, there is no comparison. T-Cat (Aka HammerHead), is far more stable. During hard water ski cuts, well not so hard as it was not very smooth, T-Cat steered straight. The boat throws no wake. It is a delight to ski behind.nnThatu2019s it. The boat is terrific. The details are great. The pump fits all the fitting. All the pump fittings are the same. She does not leak air. The forward storage in the airfoil is great. My sons feel that there is less of a feeling that the bow will rise up and flip compared to the Ceasar. nnPosted Fri, Sep 8, 2017nnHi Thomas,nnHope this email finds you and Dux Boat both doing well.nnT-Cat is being enjoyed by all. Love the boat. My son and 7 of his milliner aged friends went for a ride. After my son balanced the boat out T-Cat got up on top and everybody loved the ride. 25-30 mph.That is amazing that a 150 pound boat with a 200 pound, 50 HP motor, can put on plane almost 1,500 pounds. If you include the motoru2019s weight that is 1,700 pounds!nnWe were in a dingy parade and a number of people asked what it was. She still looks and performs great.nnWe figured out how to water ski with one person in the boat. A large trash bag gets filled with 20 gallons of sea water, 160+ pounds secured to the bow. When finished skiing we poke a hole in the bag and let the water run out the transom.nnPosted Fri, July 13, 2018n3rd Summer in my DUX HammerHead (T-Cat)nnHi Thomas,nnHope things are going well for you.nnBoating season started 4th of July. Cleaned up T-Cat with the 303 Protectant. Put 2, 4, 9 psi of air in the inner, outer, and high jacker, and ran the heck out out the boat for 5 days over the 4th. Ran fine and never had to add air. She still looks great and gets a lot of attention at Catalina.

Marvin Sachse | Brash Industries, California

Iu2019ve had a Dux Hammerhead for almost 4 yearu2019s now. When I bought it, it was all ready semi modified, and pretty fast I thought. Anyway, I called Dux boatu2019s and the owner, Tom Chaffee took my call. We talked about my boat and what had been done to it. He invited me down to his place and to my surprise Tom and his wife Tina completely rebuilt the transom to make sure it was safe for the large 85hp Mercury outboard I had at the time.nn

They went over the whole boat and addressed potential issues and fixed a few things in the shop. Well we have become very good friends since then, even a few more tripu2019s without the boat. Tom has always been very honest with me, I know and heard all the storyu2019s and had contract with some of them. In all thereu2019s only a few people that had a gripe, and they were all competitors and one really nasty person whom would not use his name.

nnSo hereu2019s the thing, Dux boatu2019s builds one hell of a boat as with all of his products. My boat is A 2001, I have since modified it a lot! I put a 115 hp in line six Mercury, that is ported so itu2019s very strong running, I did put gussetu2019s from the floor to transom for additional support for wt and hp the boat it self has not been touched. This boat has been clocked at over 86 mph (gps) and been doing it all year long, two to four times a week. I love my boat itu2019s a lot of fun. The jet skis canu2019t keep up, in fact most boatu2019s canu2019t either. what Iu2019m saying is this is one strong rubber boat. nn

I run in the Sacramento river and some timeu2019s has a lot of junk floating in it, I never got a hole in it from hitting it, I try not to but this Boat is moving fast. I would let my mother drive this boat itu2019s that safe. It Handles great, turnu2019s like a F-1 boat, itu2019s just a great boat! By the way Iu2019m 65 yearu2019s old and plan to keep going fast, I know the new boatu2019s are even better and I look forward to getting one so I can hit that 100mph mark, Iu2019m not worried about the boat handling it. See my videou2019s on YouTube; Rogers fast Dux. Very cool Tom! If you want too go fast too, get a hold of me and tom and we will make you one.

Roger Horton

Dux Boats, Tom Chaffee, Thomas Chaffee, Inflatable ProductionsDux Boats Tom Chaffee Thomas Chaffee Inflatable Productions Tom Chaffee is a good, honest businessman, the boats are great quality and fun Greenville MichigannnBy happenstance, I ended up doing business with and buying a boat from Mr. Thomas Chaffee of Dux Boats. The transactions went great, and I have nothing but great things to report about the quality of the boats and the relationship with Mr. Chaffee.nnBefore I entered into any transactions, I came up on this report; I did some due dlligence and found nothing else other than the slander in this site.nnI proceeded cautiously with my business deals with Mr. Chaffee and have checked the quality of the boat thoroughly (they're built like a vault).nnIf you're looking for one of these boats, the Dux I got from Mr. Chaffee could not be better quality or more fun, the advice/honesty I got from him was sound. I highly recommend the Dux brand, the owner, Mr. Chaffee, and the relationship.nnBTW, I did talk to other owners that were all very happy with their boats and echoed my sentiments.

Coral Gables

This boat is by far the best boat I have ever seen. I have followed Dux Boats from the onset, and I am impressed at the new and improved craftsmanship, materials, service, and the amazing advanced ride.

Jerry Paradise

We have put our custom, 12' DUX through the Alaskan field-test, & it has performed flawlessly. We have had Sharks, Halibut, Deer, Goats, & Grizzly Bears on board without any problems. Combined with a 15 hp short-shaft Honda, it makes a great exploration craft for my Hunting & Fishing trips in Prince William Sound. Thanks for a great boat!

Otto Kulm | Pacific Mountain Guides LLC

My name is Jason Goodin. I am the Field Marketing Manger for Red Bull up here in Michigan. Your boats look fantastic; we'd love to have a Red Bull branded boat.

Jason Goodin | Field Marketing Manager-Greater Michigan Red Bull Energy Drink (www.redbull.com)