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DUX SRD-550 Rescue Boat

The DUX SRD-550 Rescue Boat has an inflatable sponson (hijacker) attached on the bottom of each of the main sponsons for fast planning and low friction to achieve rail like turning and unmatched fuel efficiency, speed and stability. The specifications and design are proprietary and have yet to be matched by nearly all watercraft in most water conditions, especially rough and or shallow water.

The DUX Inflatable, Model SRD-550, is a Catamaran designed inflatable with TRUE TUNNEL boat technology. Features include more floor space, maximum stability, unmatched speeds, and extreme rough water handling capabilities. This is done through constant R&D, testing, and religious dedication to the watersports industry. Hydrodynamics and Aerodynamics need to be understood correctly and always respected. There are literally thousands of physics laws and each serves a purpose. These laws are not be left to those that are in this business for money purpose’s only! You must care about the safety of the end user!

  • Standard Features:
  • Specifications:

All Tunnel Hull Model DUX Boats Require Prop Work.

This can be as little as a $40.00 to $70.00 for a quick cup and balance of a stock aluminum prop, or as much as $1,200.00 to find the true benefits of the Performance capabilities of a DUX Performance Inflatable Boat. Smaller outboards under 30 hp do not generally need any work but 30 hp and above should always take this into consideration with a stock outboard prop. The reasons for this is the PD models ride above the water 12 to 13 inches. It is a small price to pay for such superior performance compared to a standard Yacht Tender or Inflatable Boat. Be sure to ask your salesperson about your needs of prop work to fit your water application. Proper testing is always recommended by Inflatable Industries.
Still built with the highest quality and True UV-A / B resistant materials and carries a 10-year limited warranty.

  • Three piece composite flooring, ½ inch.
  • Double sponson inflation design.
  • Six air chambers in all.
  • Wash Thru / Aluminum transom with a lifetime (15 yrs) warranty.
  • Fiberglass wing.
  • Transom to Sponson, Turnbuckle Supports.
  • Length: 17’ 6 ”
  • Beam: 8′ 2”
  • Tube Diameter: 26.30 stretched
  • Choice of E-1055 or TPU Inflatable Material.  (Price difference is substantial, ask for details)
  • Material Weight: Two choices, 32oz airtight PVC or TPU; call for price differences.
  • Dry Weight: 345 lbs. no motor, no passengers.
  • Max Persons: 12
  • Max Capacity or Load: 4280 lbs.
  • Air Chambers: 6 plus wing
  • Engine Shaft Length: 20” – 25″
  • Hp 40 to 150 hp

Ordering Details

Pricing of rescue boats range based on size, fabric choice, and custom rigging (i.e. radio, lighting, etc.) PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL FOR CORRECT MODEL, MATERIAL, AND SPECIFICATIONS TO DETERMINE YOUR PRICE.

Base model price for the SURF RESCUE, 13ft 6″ model call for pricing 
Larger models, both in length, beam, and diameter, start at $12,250.00 with E-1055 Inflatable Boat Fabric.
TPU or XR Mariner prices start at $15,950.00.
*Shipping fees are the customer’s responsibility

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