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DUX HammerHead – Model PD-400

The DUX HammerHead is a 13-foot handcrafted, completely collapsible catamaran inflatable boat. The HammerHead is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide array of water applications ranging from pleasure cruisers to rescue boats. The transom is open for self-bailing reasons, however, it can be ordered closed if you choose. Be sure to discuss the transom details with your sales representative when placing your order.

Inflatable Industries continues to take the rough ride out of the inflatable boat by adding smaller pontoons, called hi-jackers, to the bottom of the main pontoon’s at such a degree that it creates a tunnel – from which, the term “tunnel hull” is derived. The tunnel utilizes the airflow and water flow to lift the boat evenly and safely on a plane. The bottom of the hi-jackers are protected with a urethane shield which allows for beach landings.

IMPORTANT FEATURES: The HammerHead and other “Performance DUX” (PD) models can operate in very shallow water conditions. In addition, it is designed for maximum stability, safety, and fuel efficiency, in both freshwater or saltwater.

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The HammerHead incorporates a design that allows for an exceptional level of versatility. It can be used for countless water applications, such as hunting, fishing, tubing, skiing, diving, kiteboarding, and even racing. The DUX PD-400 is a great alternative to a Jet Ski! Have a blast by yourself or carry up to six people. The HammerHead also makes for a first-rate RESCUE BOAT and, thus, has become a popular choice among first responders.

  • Three piece Starboard flooring, ½ inch.
  • Double sponson inflation design.
  • Wash Thru / Aluminum transom with a Limited Lifetime warranty. (See Warranty)
  • Six air chambers in all.
  • Fiberglass Wing.
  • Length: 13’2″.
  • Beam: 71″.
  • Tube diameter: 20.70″.
  • 32 oz. airtight, inflatable boat fabric.
  • Dry weight: 235 lbs.
  • Max persons: 6.
  • Max capacity or Load: 1820.
  • Air chambers, 6 plus wing.
  • Engine shaft length, 15″ to 20″.
  • Maximum HP: 40 – 70 (recommended) for tons of fun.

Propeller work, if needed, can be done by us for an additional charge (recommended), or at your local prop shop with instruction from our experts.  Custom orders differ, therefore your quote may be a bit lower or higher.

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Price: $6,800.00 + Shipping

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