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DUX Customization Service

Why Choose DUX?

Bring your Inflatable Ideas to Life, or Customize your Dux Inflatable Boat.

We're here to guide you through the many services we offer as a Professional USA Inflatable boat and product Manufacturer and service facility.

Start a quote, and in the Comments Box, type your needed additions or changes in size, accessories not found on our site, or tell us about the water use application so we can help better in your inflatable Boat experience. i.e. Additional accessories, or purchase a DUX, Full race boat, for A.P.B.A. racing, in the SLT Class we created in 1997.

Or ask us about a new creation or idea you have. We have been a leader in the USA’s, inflatable and related product invention and consulting industry, since 1994.

New products are being introduced to our generations daily. We will help you build a working prototype, or set up a full scale assembly operation for you current product. And if need be, we can implement a production operation with Global leaders in the fabrication industry. 

Take a moment to review the photos below and let us know if we can help you with your new ideas. Build your perfect Inflatable Boat or bring your ideas to market. Dux has contributed to the, Medical, Military, Automotive, Marine, Recreation, and Rescue product industries. Is it your time to introduce a product to the world? We are here to help!

Estimated Pricing

Custom Tube creation begins at $225.00 per design hour.  Drawings and cad files are helpful if available. After creation, and if we are to build the drawn part, prices start at approximately $550 per foot, depending on the diameter, number of chambers and the type of fabric requested.  Custom colors may be a special order as well.  The cost will be passed on to the customer.

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Lead times may be up to six weeks during peak demand, contact us today to get your project started!

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If you can dream it, and it's inflatable, we can make it!

Example Projects

Below are a few examples of projects we've completed.

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