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The DUX HammerHead is a 13-foot handcrafted, completely collapsible catamaran inflatable boat. The HammerHead is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide array of water applications ranging from pleasure cruisers to rescue boats. 

Starting At: $6800*
Inflatable boats of the past are QUICKLY being replaced by the Inflatable Catamaran design.. These Dinghy or Yacht tender, hereafter referred to as the “DUXLING” catamaran inflatable boats Take a look at the DUX Inflatable Boat line and find the size and design that meets your needs, or have DUX build to your specifications. Inflatable boats MADE IN MICHIGAN, USA.
Starting At: $3285*

The DUX SRD-550 Rescue Boat has an inflatable sponson (hijacker) attached on the bottom of each of the main sponsons for fast planning and low friction to achieve rail like turning and unmatched fuel efficiency, speed and stability. The specifications and design are proprietary and have yet to be matched by nearly all watercraft in most water conditions, especially rough and or shallow water.

Starting At: $12,250*

The UD-400 DUX Inflatable Boat is the answer to those in need of a boat that can carry up to 6 people. The UD-400 DUX has protective armor fixed permanently to the bottom of each hull which allows the pilot to run in inches of water. The armor also allows the boat to be beached at speeds with no damage.
Starting At: $4,260.00*
DUX Boats is the founder of the A.P.B.A. S.L.T racing class. Originally started and funded by DUX and founder Thomas Chaffee in 1996, under a Special Events Class, Bandit, 550cc and Outlaw 750cc. It became the fastest growing sport in the A.P.B.A. These Inflatable Race Boats are now known worldwide.
Starting At: $10,400*
The DUX Model PD-550 is a Catamaran Inflatable Boat with TRUE TUNNEL boat technology. The GreatWhite offers more floor space than the HammerHead and, due to its length, it handles even better in rough water. It is incredibly stable and capable of achieving high rates of speed.
Starting At: $10,995*
The UD-550 is the perfect inflatable boat for fishing, duck hunting, river running, diving, and so much more. It is designed for small lakes and rivers and makes a great boat for Hotels, Guides, and Scenic Tours. It also provides an extremely stable platform which helps ensure safety while the whole family is aboard. The interior of the UD-550 measures 160″ in length and 44″ wide, giving it more floor space than all other inflatable rafts and boats of its size and in its class. Roll it up quickly and transport or carry away with little effort.
Starting At: $5400*

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Starting At: $3285*