The 2020-21 Dux D-300S aka Duxling

DUX Inflatable Boats Yacht Tender:

Inflatable boats of the past are slowly being replaced by the Inflatable Catamaran designed boats called DUX Inflatable Boats.  These Tunnel Hull Inflatable boats are so stable, offer more room, use less fuel, and can be towed, stowed, or any style of davit system to lift it onto your bigger boat.  Take a look at the best of the best. The DUX Inflatable boat line.  Yacht Tender or Dinghy (AKA Duxling Model D-300S), A PVC expanded foam, removable floor for a 98 lbs., overall weight.  Or upgrade to a Starboard floor and end up with a 126 lbs., superior watercraft. The twin hull or Catamaran design is MADE IN THE USA.

It’s not just the looks, it is the Stability Aluminum Transom, dry storage compartment (Optional), more floor Space, Fuel efficiency, Dry Ride, Self Bailing with optional Transom Flap for dry ride applications, (ask for details) level take off (no high rising bow when throttled due to design).  Made in the USA 100%.  Give us a call or send us an email and we will recommend and build to your water application.

Model, D-300S, is built with plenty of know-how, and built with the highest quality true UV A/B resistant materials, 32 OZ Airtight Inflatable Boat Fabric.

If you are in the market for a first or replacement Dinghy / Yacht Tender, be sure to look closely at the DUX inflatable boat line and the D-300S Aka, Duxling, before making your decision to purchase the outdated traditional Inflatable boats of the past.

Standard Features:

  • Two-piece PVC flooring, ½ inch. Optional StarBoard Flooring
  • Double Sponson inflation design with armor-like protection on the bottom of each hull, bow to stern.
  • Four air chambers in all.
  • Aluminum transom.
  • Marine Grade Gel coat wing.


  • Length: 9’ 8”.
  • Beam: 5′ 8 ”.
  • Tube Diameter: 21.70”.
  • 32 OZ Airtight inflatable Boat fabric.
  • Dry Weight: 98 lbs.  126 lbs., with StarBoard deck.
  • Max Persons: 4.
  • Max Capacity or Load: 1185.
  • Air Chambers: 4 plus wing.
  • Engine Shaft Length: 15” or 20″.
  • Max Hp: electric trolling motor or gas engine up to 15 Hp.

Model D-300S (Yacht Tender).

M.S.R.P.  $3,285.00

Plus shipping.  Add Oar Kit for $225.00 at time of order.  Crate Charge $125.00 Oars and lock kit sold separately. For more information:

Call: +1(989)244-6330 or email us at


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