DUX Inflatable Boat / DUX RACING

The Inflatable Boat of The Future and the #1 Super lite tunnel hull in the A.P.B.A. Racing Inflatable Boats by Inflatable Industries LLC.  Thomas Chaffee is the founder of the A.P.B.A. S.L.T Racing class. Originally started and funded By DUX and Tom Chaffee, in 1996, under a Special Events Class, with all prize money, and 6 Trophies for 2 (Two) Classes, “Bandit, 550cc and Outlaw 750cc”, were the expense of his company.  It became the fastest growing sport in the A.P.B.A. Now WORLDWIDE.
Watch for “DUX RACING” coming to a water hole near you in 2019.

The DUX RD-400XL (Aka Race DUX) has an Inflatable Sponson (hi-jackers) attached on the bottom of each main pontoon, for fast planing and low friction, to achieve rail like turning and unmatched Fuel Efficiency.  DUX, proprietary “Tunnel design”, eliminates chime walking at speed above 70 M.P.H.  The specifications and design are proprietary and have yet to be beaten on the race course.

The DUX  line of, Racing Inflatable Boats, and Custom Inflatable Race Boats, (Model RD-400XL), is a Catamaran designed inflatable with TRUE TUNNEL boat technology. Features include more floor space, maximum stability, unmatched Speeds, and extreme rough water handling capabilities. With many knockoffs now emerging and entering the racing circuit, it is imperative that the engineering of these outstanding watercraft stay 2 years at minimum ahead of the competition. This is done through constant R&D, and testing. The safety of the end user is the top priority. Note: Racing is a sport that is meant for the truly wise people who understand that water can be very hard. Please always treat any water with full respect.

DUX Custom Build option, calls for re-designed, and sourcing in a lot of cases.  We continue to use only the best of the best materials to withstand the elements of the sun, water, and unintentional abuse.

The RD-400XL is still the 1-US and US-1, National Champion record-setting boat, (set by Matt Merten and his crew in the early years of the New Millennium on Lake Alfred in the State of Florida.) Press releases are witness.

Before making your decision to purchase the outdated/traditional inflatables of the past, talk to a representative about one that will last for years to come and be built to your specification.  Prop work is sold separately.

Made in the USA, by Inflatable Industries, LLC.

Standard Features:

  • Three piece Starboard flooring, ½ inch.
  • Double Sponson inflation design.
  • Six air chambers in all.
  • Aluminum transom with a lifetime warranty.
  • New Marine Gel-coat UV protected Fiberglass wing.
  • Transom to Sponson, Turnbuckle supports


  • Length: 13’6 ”
  • Beam: 7′ 1”
  • Tube Diameter: 21.70”
  • 32 oz. Inflatable Boat fabric, Urethane Blend
  • Dry Weight: 198 lbs
  • Max Persons: 6
  • Max Capacity or Load: 1820
  • Air Chambers: 6 plus wing
  • Engine Shaft Length: 15”
  • Minimum of 15 HP.  To (150 Hp., X-CLASS ONLY) is recommended.
Priced at: $10,400.00
Plus Shipping


(outboard, Props and required safety gear, sold separately)
for more information on the DUX line of inflatable boats & accessories,
Call: +1(989)244-6330 or email: sales@duxboats.com


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