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The Perfect Rigid Inflatable Boats For Sale At Reasonable Prices

Dux Boats deal with a variety of rigid inflatable boats for sale, from trailer-able vessels to medium-sized ones used for multiple endeavors in recreational and commercial activities. Due to their moderate draught and narrow beam, which make them very suited for a variety of commercial and leisure boating activities, they have a long history as vessels that are sought-after.

Speaking of their structure, inflatable rigid boats for sale are surrounded by volumetric cylinders having multiple sections around the perimeter. It forms a belt that mitigates any chances of sinking. While some boats have cylinders filled with air, others are stuffed with foam.

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1. Customized Experience

At Dux Boats, our customers can come up to us straight with their requirements or any modifications they expect in the boat that are not listed on our site. Our team will try its best to deliver the exact thing you’re looking for. We commonly receive alterations in the size and accessories of rigid inflatable boats for sale.

2. Commercial, Recreational & Military

Dux boats have successfully catered to the distinctive needs of several industries. We’ve contributed to the Automotive, Recreation, Rescue, Military, Medical, and Marine industries so far.

We receive customization requests for every project. Our prices mostly vary minutely based on the size of diameter, fabric type, and chambers used. Furthermore, we’re also open to any aesthetic changes by altering the color of the inflatable rigid boats for sale.

3. Rebuild & Repair

Do you notice any wear & tear in your inflatable boat? Rest assured, our technicians will immediately reach the spot and get it fixed. Apart from just listing our rigid inflatable boats for sale, we also repair and rebuild all parts of a boat.

From small family-owned boats to huge commercial boats, we’ve got you covered when maintenance or repair work is needed. Moreover, we also provide routine cleaning and preventive maintenance services to extend the lifespan of your boat.

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