Sports Utility River Boat UD-400X

Sports Utility River Boat UD-400X

These models of DUX Inflatable boats, are similar to the River Universal DUX, model D-400.  The only difference is as little as it seams, is a Fiberglass planning pad, form fitted to the bottom of the Sponson, and then filled with a 2 part Marine Flotation foam.  We call these, DUX FEET.  As simple as this sounds the amount of Labor and materials make up the price difference.  In return you will get a DUX Boat that can do all that the River or fishing model can, but in addition it will plain better, turn like a HammerHead, and is capable of pulling tubers or makes a great Kite Surfing Boat.  A great swim team, chase boat and all for a lot less than the Performance models found in this site.

Built with the same unbelievable stability. Designed to follow the performance, space and stability standards of all DUX Inflatable Boats and built with the highest quality, UV-A / B resistant materials, that carries a 10 year warranty.

This superior inflatable, is great for hunting, fishing, river runs, tubing, and a very stable platform for several water applications.

DUX is an innovator of superior quality in Design, water handling, smooth riding watercraft that is fit for most water conditions, with maximum safety.

Standard Features:

  • Three piece composite flooring, ½ inch Starboard.
  • Double sponson inflation design.
  • Four air chambers in all.
  • Aluminum transom with a Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Fiberglass wing.


  • Length: 13’ 6 ”
  • Beam: 7’1”
  • Tube Diameter: 21.70”
  • 32 OZ Air tight inflatable Boat fabric.  Urethane
  • Dry Weight: 158 lbs
  • Max Persons: 6
  • Max Capacity or Load: 1700 lbs
  • Air Chambers: 4 plus wing
  • Engine Shaft Length: 15”
  • Max Hp: 30 Hp.

Priced at: $4,370.00 (All Accessories sold separately, Plus Shipping), Optional Crating $169.00.  Visit our accessories shop for great deals!

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