Duxling D-300EX

Duxling D-300EX (EXPRESS)

What Makes DUX Yacht Tender (Xtreme), The Boat of The Future?

The Custom Inflatable Boat, known as the Duxling, has a Fiberglass Pad called “DUX Feet” attached at the rear bottom of each Sponson, for fast planing and low friction, to achieve rail like turning and unmatched fuel efficiency.   This boat is for use on inland lakes, rivers and innercoastal purposes as a yacht tender.  It can be easily pushed with an electric or gas 5 hp outboard engine.  Oars and oar locks are optional.

The DUX Inflatable Yacht Tender or Dinghy is a Catamaran designed inflatable with more floor space, maximum Stability, Speed and Little to no High-Rise on the take off. Designed to follow the Performance Standards of all DUX Inflatable Boats and built with the highest quality true UV A/B resistant materials, True Airtight Inflatable Boat fabric.


Standard Features:

  • Two piece PLASTIC flooring, ½ inch.
  • Double sponson inflation design.
  • Four air chambers in all.
  • Aluminum transom with a lifetime warranty.
  • Fiberglass wing.
  • Marine Foam Filled Fiberglass Planing surface


  • Length: 9’ 8 ”
  • Beam: 5′ 8 ”
  • Tube Diameter: 21.70”
  • E-1055, Inflatable Boat Fabric (32oz)
  • Dry Weight: 138 lbs
  • Max Persons: 4
  • Max Capacity or Load: 1185
  • Air Chambers: 4 plus wing
  • Engine Shaft Length: 15”
  • Maximum of: 25 Hp 

Model D-300EX (Express Addition)
MSRP $3,990.00 Options complete oar kit, $126.00.
Plus Shipping, (Crating $185.00)

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