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DUX Floor Assembly Instructions.

Your DUX inflatable boat will arrive rolled and the air would have been vacuumed down for shipping reasons.  Unroll your DUX Inflatable Boat and open the valves to allow the boat to breathe.  Straighten the boat the best you can.  (Do Not Add Air at this time).

Your floor boards will be marked on the bottom side. 

1). Place the front board in place with the board tucked under the edge of the fiberglass Wing.  (Just let it sit and do not push it down under at this time).

2). Place the rear board in the U-channel at the bottom of the transom.  (Do not press down at this time).


Place the H-Channel (Floor Joiner) on the opposite edge of both the front and back boards.  (3 piece floors will have 2 - H-channel floor joiners and 2 piece floors just 1).

3). Add the middle board (3-piece floor), inside the H-channel on the rear board, (be sure to center the boards and the H-channel side to side, and do not press down the boards yet.  Raise the back of the front board and the front of the middle board high enough to join the boards in the H-channel and center as shown above.

4). Press down as shown above. 

5). Starting on one side first, work the floor rubber(s) attached to each pontoon, so that the lip is over the floor board edge, front to back.  Repeat on the opposite side.

6). Add air to the Inner safety bags 1st to hold the floor boards down.  The inner safety bag inflation valve, is located in the middle of each pontoon in the floor area.  Inflate to 1.5 psi. 1st.

7). Inflate the main tubes next to 4 to 6 psi.  Precision air gauges for your Leafield valves can be purchased at the time of sale.  (Ask for details).

NOTE:  Proper inflation is very important.  Your DUX sales team will work with you very closely.



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