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About DUX

A Step Above

DUX Inflatables builds the most stable and versatile Tunnel Hull / Catamaran Inflatable Boat in the industry. Each boat is built entirely in the USA using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art molecular bonding, equipmant.  (Fabic Welding)  In addition, we will build it to your size and specifications, to be sure you get the most out of your water application.

The DUX team has developed several types of inflatable products, such as lifts, medical rehab devices, and military tools under contract with S.P.A.W.A.R.S.  Inflatable Industries can build you a new DUX Model, inflatable boat, rebuild your R.I.B., repair your current inflatable no matter what the model, or build you anything inflatable that might make your life easier.  We continue to offer Unmatched services' across the world and have since 1994.

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Why Choose DUX?

The Latest Technology in Inflatable Design

DUX inflatable boats are built with high-quality materials and designed for safety, maximum stability, speed, and fuel efficiency. They are designed to run in only 6 inches of water. You can choose from a Catamaran or a true Tunnel Hull design. All Seams are Welded.

Globally Trusted Company

Inflatable Industries, LLC. have shipped its brand of boats to many counties around the world. Dux boats are commercially architecturally approved by the United States Coast Guard and the Canadian Ocean and Fisheries Division.

Handcrafted Boats

All DUX boats are handcrafted by seasoned professional engineers and marine experts. They are built using state-of-the-art molecular bonding and the highest quality materials. This helps to ensure life-long durability and cosmetic perfection. With proper care, your Dux boat will be the last boat you'll ever need to buy. Although, you'll probably want two!

Service Before and After the Sale

At Inflatable Industries we care about our customers and work directly with them for their Inflatable application needs. We are registered and accredited by the Better Business Bureau and look forward to adding you to the DUX family.

Over 6 Decades of Combined Experience

The DUX trademarked brand of inflatable products is manufactured by Inflatable Industries, LLC. in the USA. With well over 60 years of combined inflatable expertise and design experience, including metal fabrication to customize your floor space. Simply submit your hand sketch or CAD drawings to customize your boat.

10 Year Limited Warranty

Because Dux Boats are built with quality materials, we are the only boat company to offer a 10-year Limited warranty with a lifetime transom warranty. For further information on the limited warranty, see the Warranty menu option under Resources.