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My Dux Inflatable Boat Named T-Cat 2016

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Hello Thomas,

We all love the boat.  Compared to the Caesar, there is no comparison.  T-Cat (Aka HammerHead), is far more stable.  During hard water ski cuts, well not so hard as it was not very smooth, T-Cat steered straight.  The boat throws no wake.  It is a delight to ski behind.

That’s it.  The boat is terrific.  The details are great.  The pump fits all the fitting.  All the pump fittings are the  same.  She does not leak air. The forward storage in the airfoil is great.  My sons feel that there is less of a feeling that the bow will rise up and flip compared to the Ceasar.  Marvin Sachse. 2016

1 plus years later.

Fri, Sep 8, 2017 at 11:19 PM

Hi Thomas,

Hope this email finds you and Dux Boat both doing well.

T-Cat is being enjoyed by all.  Love the boat.  My son and 7 of his milliner aged friends went for a ride. After my son balanced the boat out T-Cat got up on top and everybody loved the ride.  25-30 mph.That is amazing that a 150 pound boat with a 200 pound, 50 HP motor, can put on plane almost 1,500 pounds.  If you include the motor’s weight that is 1,700 pounds!

We were in a dingy parade and a number of people asked what it was.  She still looks and performs great.

We figured out how to water ski with one person in the boat.  A large trash bag gets filled with 20 gallons of sea water, 160+ pounds secured to the bow. When finished skiing we poke a hole in the bag and let the water run out the transom.

Marvin H. Sachse
Brash Industries, California.

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