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DUX and The Manufacturer:

Inflatable Industries, LLC., manufactures the DUX Boat’s line of inflatable products. These boats are the original tunnel hull and catamaran inflatable boats. Inflatable Industries LLC leads the entire market today, and has for the last 30+ years! The DUX Boat’s line include the following models:

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Used and Demo Boats

Everyone can work out a plan to own one of our DUX Inflatable Boats.
  If necessary, start with a used, demo, or re-conditioned boat.  Give us a call and get your name on a list of like minded customers that want an affordable inflatable boat that is built to last a life time.

The DUX Boat SPECIAL TEAMS DIVISION (professionals within our company) as well as our full service and repair specialist for all inflatable boats worldwide, i.e., re-tubing, of R.I.B designs, custom rigging and consulting as needed. From water toys, jump houses, medical devices, custom projects, to stable inflatables in the world.  The DUX Line of Inflatable boats.  Also ask about our CUSTOM BUILD program,  Bring your dream to reality.  lets get it started!