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DUX Inflatable Boats.

Inflatable Industries, LLC., began its manufacturing career in 1987 and incorporated as a S Corporation in 1995.
The main focus was building Inflatable Catamaran and Tunnel Hull Racing Boats.  Using only  the highest quality materials and the technology of that time, it proudly introduced one of the most stable inflatable boat lines of its time.  Over the next 30 years, Dux Inflatable Boats developed many types of inflatable products ranging from lifts of all types, Medical rehab devices and Military tools under contract with S.P.A.W.A.R.S.   We have also signed to consult “Coleman” as needed with the growth of their Camping market.  The DUX Inflatable line of inflatable products continues to grow, despite the expartner slander motivated by greed. These boats are the original tunnel hull and catamaran inflatable boats. Inflatable Industries LLC leads the entire market today, and has for the last 30+ years! The DUX Boat’s line include the following models:

For more information on the DUX line of inflatable boats & accessories, Give us a call or email: sales@duxboats.com

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Additional services.

Inflatable Boat repair, Inflatable boat custom rigging, consulting, water toys, jump houses, medical devices, custom inflatable projects, bring your dream to a reality.  lets get it started!  Give us a call.

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Maybe this will be a great day to drop the political talk, and to recognize all we have to be thankful for, regardless of the many troubles we face daily.  Enjoy your family, and regardless of your belief, bring back the memories of a loving family and the history that is getting buried.  Happy Thanksgiving to all people.

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